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From the very first fitting, it became clear that this is a masterpiece! Every woman has dreamed of at least once adopting the image of a fatal, sexy beauty in a long, tight-fitting skirt that flares out towards the bottom. This silhouette has been recognized as the most feminine in the history of fashion industry. And now imagine that this is a semi-transparent mesh fabric with a slit from the waist to the ankles and a provocative lacing that you want to untie again and again. Emphasizing seductive curves, hinting at a sweet continuation - this is not just a skirt, but an opportunity to feel like the most desired representative of the fair sex in the world

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Our customers say

Joana S.

These are awesome straps! Perfect with a dress, a warm fall sweater, a homemade suit, or a swimsuit. I wear it with great pleasure!

Mary U.

It's insanely sexy! It looks great under clothes. It adds passion to s*x!

Megan A.

I am very pleased to wear your products, each of them is not unique, I feel especially sexy in it ... Thank you for what is made with love

Emily W.

I love it. It's gorgeous. It would make the perfect gift for the other half!

Oprah E.

Very sexy bodysuit, my husband loved it, that was to prove it!


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