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Removable Zegina Straps

Removable additional straps are a completely new accessory that every girl needs in her wardrobe. We all have bras with straps designed to unfasten for some reason - it's their turn!

The most ordinary basic set turns into original sexy lingerie for special occasions. Combine the textured shoulder straps with your lingerie for a unique and exclusive option.

Zegina textured removable straps are inspired by the most popular strap Segina. The owners of small breasts fall in love with this model, as this weaving playfully emphasizes the rounded shapes, visually enlarging the breasts. The main ensemble of ribbons unfolds over the chest, between it, and up to the neck, exposing your forms in a favorable light.

These straps match perfectly with our bras with the function of changing straps - UTA bra and ONNA bra.

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